Forex Trading made simple…

FountainFX teaches you how to move from a complete novice through to being a seasoned professional trader of currencies, so you can make profit from this $5Tn a day market place.

Our courses build on each other to give you step by step progress taking you from the basics of trading, through technical and fundamental analysis, reading charts for price action and setting up your own trading platform.

Our final course walks you through a $1000 a day trade strategy. Ultimately, you will gain the skills to read price action, identify where to place entries and exits for precision timing and benefit from weekly live trading webinars.

All this provides you with ongoing support and a structured training program for you to develop confidence and move from never traded to trading profitably.

FX School
FountainFX uses step by step video teaching modules to:
- Explain the core principles
- Methods of FOREX Trading
- Every member gets the full course after sign up
Weekly Trading Analysis
Every day FountainFX analyses one of the major currency pairs to help you see how trading strategies are applied to the live Forex market. Membership gives full access to all new daily content
Forex Charts
To help you see and become familiar with FOREX, Fountain FX has provided links to charts of USD Dollar currency pairs
Economic Calendar
Check the Red Economic data and see how it effects the currency market.
Forex trading benefits
The Benefits of FountainFX
FountainFX offers full members the ability to learn how to trade Forex from the comfort of their home. Providing video lessons that help develop skills and profitability.
forex trading market introduction
Introduction to Forex Trading
Forex is the best market in the world, popular and rewarding. But what is it about?
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