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On Thursday I was invited to attend a trading event in Cape Town with one of our members. The event organiser is well known to me so I had not considered attending, however the member has become a good friend and it offered an opportunity to talk with other people interested in the opportunities that trading can bring.

Keeping to the point the key benefits shared from the event were:

  1. You can trade anywhere at anytime
  2. Once you know what to do you have an income for life
  3. Focus on having a core strategy that works will bring consistency and profit
  4. Working with others who are doing what you want to do will accelerate your performancev
  5. Working with the right broker will give you several benefits:
    • Ability to follow other traders and profit from their trades
    • Automated trading systems
    • Credit Card funded by your trading account

To add to this I have found that while the oversell excites and grabs people’s interest it is being part of a support system that will help keep you engaged and enhance your performance. Being able to repeat, repeat, repeat drills the information and creates good habits. Also when it comes to brokers, knowing that someone else also has your back in working with your broker, means you feel less at sea when it comes to managing your money. To use a broker that is regulated gives you that added security knowing you can challenge them through the FSB if they don’t play ball.

Once you gain a solid foundation in your trading you will be able to gradually grow and expand your trading profits and broker benefits to your advantage, such as improved spreads.

To show just how easy it can be when you know what to look for this trade on the EURUSD was planned and setup on Monday 8th June and Tuesday 9th June shows the result. Overall price moved 250pips giving a $2500 profit from a standard lot trade size ($1000) with a $200 initial risk.

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410 pips for the day from 7 trades. Best day ever 🙂

— Kevin, Member of our live trading group

Happy Trading

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