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Why FountainFX

Trading the currency markets promises huge rewards yet can prove to be very complex and confusing. FountainFX offers novices and unsuccessful traders the opportunity to learn what works in currency trading and apply it in a low cost and low risk environment.

We have gone through what you and countless other people interested in trading Forex will do to find out how to trade currencies. We have found that the many free courses give a lot of information yet create confusion. These free courses are used to sell you further courses that cost £1000s without any guarantee of trading profitability. The solution offered to students who still cannot trade profitably is to buy more courses.

What we offer is a community of traders who want to learn together. We recognise that to learn the skill of trading takes time and application. Very very few people if any at all become great traders from a one week course. In fact most novice traders never open a trading account to trade their own money and if they do the average account only survives for 21days (based on UK spread betting statistics).

To help turn your dream of becoming a successful currency trader into reality, FountainFX provides a step by step approach to learning and applying trading analysis. As you build your knowledge, apply strategies and build your confidence through successful application you will then start to trade your own money. Our goal is to make a complex subject simple and easy to understand.

In trading there is no guarantee of success and you will experience winning and losing trades. FountainFX is here to help you gradually and in a controlled manner learn and experience without the need to lose large amounts of your hard earned money.

Our simple and easy to follow education allows you to learn the principles of currency trading and put it into practice. In our experience, the best results come from focusing on one currency pair to ensure you gain the basic understanding of currency trading. From our daily market reports on the EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar) currency pair, you will see how the theory of trading is applied in a live market.

As Professor Shawn Achor of Harvard University says, if you surround yourself with people who are doing exactly what you want to be doing, you'll go from "How could I possibly do that?" to "How could I possibly not?"

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Here's what our clients think:

All the Strategies and Basics on both of the courses have helped tremendously! Today I made three trades, profitability: $215, $301, $176

— Joshua