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Selected video lessons to teach you step by step principles of FOREX trading

  • Self-paced video lessons
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • New strategies released every month

Easy to follow lessons starting with the basics of Forex working up to advanced trading skills.


Novice to Pro Forex Trader in 10 easy steps.

  • One on One Coaching
  • Weekly Live Webinar Lessons
  • Earn as you Learn Strategy

Steve has structured a 10 part course using live webinars to walk you through what he sees and how he trades based on live market conditions.


Accelerate your trading with High Probability FOREX Trading course.

  • Introduction to Forex trading
  • Live Webinar Lessons
  • Earn as you Learn Strategy

Steve is based in Cape Town and wants to help people in SA experience the benefits of trading for themselves

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Here’s what our clients think:

All the Strategies and Basics on both of the courses have helped tremendously! Today I made three trades, profitability: $215,37; $301, $176

– Joshua

Traded last year for about 4 months lost around $350, then stopped, just started again now using your course notes from the groupon special. and only after the 2nd day i traded my first ever 50pips in one day.

– Jason

Your service is excellent.

– Kyle

Thank you for the useful daily session. Building up my knowledge day by day.

– Danna

Thank you so much….. We did a course but this has just added so much much more perspective for me and you really explain things very clearly.

– Wendy
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